The Mayan civilization is one of the most extraordinary in history and Tulum was one of their main cities. Today it is the most important archeological site on Mexico's Caribbean coast.
Tulum is protected on one side by ocean cliffs and on the others by a stone wall, a fortification built in the era of battling rival cities.
The site was founded around 1200 as a commercial trading port and reached its height of importance in the 1400s. The city was occupied at the time of the Spanish conquest and survived for 70 years after the Spanish arrived.
The combination of ruins, jungle and ocean makes this site especially impressive, as it made the original city, giving the area a somewhat mythical atmosphere. This is emphasized by a beach in the ruins: something that makes Tulum unique in the world. The ruins can be visited in about an hour. Afterwards a trip to the snorkel park Xel Ha or the Cenotes on the Cobá road is a great way to cool off.
Tulum Pueblo is the modern site of Tulum. It is built around a long, straight road with shops and cafés along both sides. There you will find a bank, a supermarket, restaurants, phamarcies, internet cafés and everything that you might need while on holiday. You enter Tulum Pueblo on Hwy 307.
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