The beach
A description of one of the most extraordinary sites of the world is never easy. The beach here has yet to be invaded by tourist resorts and facilities, but it is well equipped with the essentials.
The color scheme of the area is made up by the vivid greens of the jungle, the candid white of the fine sand and the caraibic blue of the sea and sky. For many this is Paradise. For everyone it is an unforgettable experience: the adventure of a lifetime.
You can access the beach from the Ruins, in which case you will be able to swim in the clearest waters while glancing at manmade,
historical wonders; from the Pueblo, where you will enjoy the possibility of hopping out for something to eat or drink, or from the jungle, where you will live the reality of an unspoiled spot of terrific nature. The caraibic reef is very close to the beach, which makes this an excellent site for snorkeling.
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